A De Winton

Winton’s golden mole (Cryptochloris wintoni) had not been seen for greater than 80 years till its rediscovery in South Africa in 2022. (Picture credit score: JB Le Roux)

A golden mole that has not been seen for greater than 80 years has been rediscovered within the sand dunes of South Africa. The blind animal was videotaped and photographed after in depth analysis on this species, which researchers worry is extinct.

Winton’s golden mole (Cryptochloris wintoni) is an elusive blind mole that “swims” throughout sand, lives in inaccessible burrows and has a shimmering, iridescent coat. It has solely been recorded in a single place, Port Nolloth, on the northwest coast of South Africa, the place it was final seen in 1937.

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